Frankincense and Other Essential Oil Soaps

Frankincense soap is well known for its amazing smell. It's a smell so great that people have used this ingredient for hundreds of years to improve their days. This soap uses frankincense essential oil to give it its delightful scent and health benefits. It functions as an anti-inflammatory and can reduce pain. It also boosts the immune system and helps to alleviate anxiety and stress. Using it in soap gives it some of its best medicinal effects. It helps to balance hormone levels, soothes the skin and prevents it from showing signs of aging, it helps with falling asleep, it assists with digestion and it can help people handle the side effects of chemotherapy. Frankincense soap is also used because it is believed to help boost the production of the human growth hormone. For this reason, Frankincense is often used in hospitals to help patients get well faster.

Other essential oil bar soap is available for other specific medicinal needs. It's also perfect for creating a smell that permeates the bath or shower. Many fans of essential oils choose an essential oil bar soap that either helps them wake up or helps relax them, depending on which time of day it is that they shower. These soaps can boost the mood and help you to center yourself as you get clean. They also leave a natural, warm scent behind on the skin. Many people know the power of plants and want that power working for them as they shower. Because these oils are so concentrated, it only takes a couple of teaspoons of essential oil in a bar soap to harness its plant power and put it to work for you as you use it. These soaps let you be more than clean- you become a product of nature and its power.